Shane Dwight is a talented musician and an impressive songwriter… Dwight’s guitar playing is as substantial as his songwriting. Exceptional talent…. it’s clear this cat can sing anything he wants.” – Michael Verity, Blues Revue Magazine

Dwight explores a multitude of musical realms… funk, soul and laid-back grooves find their way into his repertoire.” He’s been known to incite the girls to crazy-wild behavior.” – Metro Silicon Valley

California by way of Nashville, gunslinger Shane Dwight does indeed play rocked-up blues, and fans of Stevie Ray and George Thorogood will find much to love. But he’s adept at Dickie Betts/Allman Brothers southern rock jams, Stonesy blues rockers, and some Pete Yorn inspired chugging roots rock as well.” – PASTE Magazine

Dwight is a charismatic and talented guitarist, vocalist and songwriter… fast becoming a blues sensation” -San Francisco Chronicle

Contemporary blues can smoke, when it is done with spirit and when it has got class. Shane Dwight has both. Singing and playing lead guitar, he is on target every time, rocking, authentic blues delivered by a great front man… hand it to Dwight for the type of set that brings boogie back to the blues with a vengeance as evidenced in his sweaty live shows”

One of Music City’s prime guitar warriors, Shane Dwight excels in numerous situations, from story songs and laments to explosive workouts and fiery duels. Shane Dwight’s playing and singing is consistently stellar, and frequently magnificent. – Nashville’s Source for Daily News

Shane Dwight has been likened to George Thorogood; both are hard-charging blues rockers who put plenty of blood, toil and sweat into their performances. And while Dwight is a better singer and songwriter, and his guitar playing is also more subtle, more dynamic and draws on more varied sources.” – Rick Allen – Vintage Guitar Magazine

Dwight has been a regional festival fixture on the West Coast for some time. Maybe someone on this side will give him a listen. I like the album a lot, with it’s fresh writing and blend of styles. It’s impressive that he’s drawn only on his own talents here, writing, arranging, playing and singing. The band is crisp and tight as well…”

As I listened to this pair of national debut releases from hot and fiery guitarist Shane Dwight, the same thought kept running through my mind: Here’s one wild cat with great potential… he plays a mean guitar, whether he’s rocking, delving into roots, alt-country, R&B, or hitting you in the gut with searing, straight-ahead blues… he plays with charisma, heart, and energy.” – Tom Henry

Shane Dwight – Hard charging Americana roots rocker… – Midwest Record, Chris Spector

Monterey’s Coast Weekly’s Chuck Thurman says, “This guy’s on fire.”

Tough, lean guitar work and commanding vocals, he is a tour de force… Shane is a killer songwriter, singer, guitarist and performer… he is an artist who’s creating a soulful Americana sound”  – Andrew Gilbert, San Jose Mercury News

High energy blues spiced with good doses of R&B, rock and even alt-country delivering a nice mix of sound. Check him out if he comes anywhere near you!” – Don Zelazny

Dwight’s an adept songwriter who likes blending jazz, rock, soul, classic R&B, and blues all to his amalgam of sounds. So he can write, play some mean guitar, and produce – I say the future is looking pretty bright for a guy who dares to play by his own rules.” – Ben The Harpman, Juke Joint Soul

Another incredible act was Shane Dwight. Shane has everything going for him; An incredible guitarist, good looks and a way with the audience that many pros long for. His set varied from old” Rock and Roll & Blues and then ended with a tribute to Led Zeplin and the famous Jimmy Page guitar licks . Once again the crowd rose to their feet in applause.

While Shane Dwight shines as a guitarist, his real talent is as a showman… he brings to mind some of the earthier blues, jazz and gospel acts of ages past. Combine that with his killer licks and it’s only a matter of time that he’s crowned as the heir apparent to Stevie Ray Vaughan.” – John Winn

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