Cribbed songs

It’s pretty known that very big artists and bands sooner or later might run the risk to be cribbed by other smaller groups who wants to gain success. Sometimes it’s all a matter of business, not about music.

But in the meanwhile, true music dies with no piety. It’s under the eyes of everyone that pop and rock bands (especially those who are liked by teens) often “get inspired” by great and famous songs by giants of the music world.

Recently we could see one more shameful example of cribbed song. Cribbing a song is the worst thing a band could do and very often the ones who physically crib great artists are just behind the scenes, meaning that the 3, 4 or even 5 who sing and play don’t even know that the text they are playing is a crib.


Bad bands ever

So many websites have fun to find the worst bands ever of the last years. Yes, we are having a bad time for the true music, with singers who can’t actually sing a word without a computerized program and guitarists or drummers who can’t even read a note. We are talking of TH (Tokio Hotel) the top bad band ever of the last decade, with their song “Don’t Jump” which is a clear crib of “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls.

Another bad band is Sum 41, a Canadian example of how music can fall deep low.

A true kick on the backside comes from The Pigeon Detectives, the worst English band of this crazy years. Their songs are repetitive with an empty content lyrics.

We warmly suggest you not to get sick of such bands and to visit to be sure it exists a psychological therapy to heal from the bad bands mania.


How to Launch a Successful Music Album

How to Launch a Successful Music Album

Whether you are an aspiring music composer, soloist or a member of a renowned band; every musician’s dream is to launch his or her own music album. Having a successful album can escalate your career graph to manifold and give you a much anticipated break in the industry. However, with the music industry continually changing and evolving in both nature and extent, it is required that your music album should be outstanding in its own demeanour. Roping in a distinguished recording label to develop, promote and market your music album is the real trick of the trade. For more sneak-peeks on music albums, tours, press and promotion- visit

A knack for music might be the first thing to think of before launching an album, but it is certainly not everything. Prudent planning, arrangement, promotion and distribution are required to finally get your music album out in the market and selling on the racks. Planning and following a checklist is the most important step. A typical checklist comprises of guidelines and propositions regarding the album preparation and post-release activities.

Pre-recording and planning phase

It takes a lot to convert a person from a listener to a fan. People have diverse taste in music and your first consideration in the pre-recording stage would be to settle on the type of music you want to explore in your album. Choose a genre and the theme of the music album. Decide whether the songs would be original or remix versions of old songs. Deciding on a cover song is a great way to your promote your album. It is very important that all the songs in the album have a thematic synchronisation with each other.  The pre-recording stage also involves vigorous rehearsals and deciding on the instruments and gears to be used for each song.


Recording is the real show that ultimately decides the fate of your album. You can either record at home or at some professional recording studio. The latter is largely preferred because of its wide variety of instruments and optimal ambience. Record, listen to your own parts and get recommendations from the professional musicians in the studio and re-record for further improvement.


Post-production is the most determining and generally, the most neglected step in launching a music album. It is the post-production phase that actually brings your album in front of the public eye and hence this step needs judicious handling. It involves picking a prominent record label or mastering house to publish your album, followed by acquiring all the required legal authorisations, clearances and licenses. You must also decide the format in which the songs are going to be released and the gap between two tracks.
Determining the budget for promotion, a music launch event and social media publicity also forms an integral part of post-recording period.

You have to understand both the rewards and risks of launching a successful music album. From planning, background arrangement to promotion- all the steps involved in releasing an album requires financing. Now, this concern is simplified with the availability of mobile casino where you can make easy and quick money on the go to help you launch your music album!


Blues E-News Interview

Shane Dwight Is a featured artist in the October issue of Blues-E-News magazine. Read the interview on page 56 and a raving review of Shanes latest CD A Hundred White Lies on page 18 at the link…HERE >>


Let’s Go Bluesin’ with the Shane Dwight Band!

Sail with the Shane Dwight Band on the

Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise

Southeastern Caribbean
Oct. 27 ~ Nov. 3, 2012

We’ll sail on the Celebrity Summit to San Juan, Puerto Rico to Barbados, St. Lucia, Martinique, and Dominica.

Some of the other great performers you’ll be Bluesin’ with include… Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks, Taj Mahal, Tommy Castro, North Mississippi Allstars, Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials, James Harman, Bobby Rush, Brooks Family, Ruthie Foster, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Ana Popovic and tons more!

The Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise is by far the best week I’ve ever spent playing music. Literally hundreds of musicians (professional and amateur) spend a week on a “floating island of fun” making music. If you have done this before, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, I can promise you will have the time of your life! . . . Make sure to tell them, you’re coming to hang out with The Shane Dwight Band!

Toll-Free: 1-888-BLUESIN’ (258-3746)
International or Cell: 816-753-7979

PHOTO CREDIT: the photo of Shane used in the montage above is courtesy R. Radcliffe


Reno-Tahoe Best Bets

Shane is the featured on the cover of the Reno/Tahoe Best Bets Magazine that came out today.  Tomorrow a full page story with interview of Shane will be in the Gold Coast Weekly Magazine in Reno.  Shane’s performance this weekend is also going to be shot from a Reno Television Station with a live Interview after his show.