Tribute To BB King

Riley B.
King was born September the 16th, 1925, and he is known by his stage name B.B.
King. He is an American blues musician; he is a talented guitarist, songwriter,
and singer and he was ranked 6th in 2011 according to the Rolling Stone Magazine in
a top of the 100 greatest guitarists of the planet.

One Of The Three Kings

He was also placed on the 17th
rank by the Gibson in their Top 50 Guitarists of All Time. BB King has managed
to create his own sophisticated soloing style that relies on fluid bending of
the strings and the special shimmering vibrato that set him apart from other
guitarists around the world. He is also part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
since 1987 and he received the nickname of “The King of Blues”; together with
Freddie King and Albert King he is one of the Three Kings of the Blues Guitar.  He is known to have performed without a break
over the years and he is known to have attended around 300 concerts on a yearly
basis until he reached his seventies. He has a powerful fan base around the
world just like the
site has managed to gather millions of enthusiastic players all over the globe
hoping for the big win.

At the
moment, the beloved artist continues to appear in about 100 shows each year. He
has managed to create one of the most identifiable guitar styles in the world. He
managed to borrow various talents from Blind Lemon Jefferson and other similar artists
and he his precision and complex string bends that are similar to vocals or the
vibrato on his left hand are a few of his trademarks. He mixes the blues,
swing, jazz, pop and gives birth to some mind-blowing masterpieces.