Cribbed songs

It’s pretty known that very big artists and bands sooner or later might run the risk to be cribbed by other smaller groups who wants to gain success. Sometimes it’s all a matter of business, not about music.

But in the meanwhile, true music dies with no piety. It’s under the eyes of everyone that pop and rock bands (especially those who are liked by teens) often “get inspired” by great and famous songs by giants of the music world.

Recently we could see one more shameful example of cribbed song. Cribbing a song is the worst thing a band could do and very often the ones who physically crib great artists are just behind the scenes, meaning that the 3, 4 or even 5 who sing and play don’t even know that the text they are playing is a crib.


Bad bands ever

So many websites have fun to find the worst bands ever of the last years. Yes, we are having a bad time for the true music, with singers who can’t actually sing a word without a computerized program and guitarists or drummers who can’t even read a note. We are talking of TH (Tokio Hotel) the top bad band ever of the last decade, with their song “Don’t Jump” which is a clear crib of “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls.

Another bad band is Sum 41, a Canadian example of how music can fall deep low.

A true kick on the backside comes from The Pigeon Detectives, the worst English band of this crazy years. Their songs are repetitive with an empty content lyrics.

We warmly suggest you not to get sick of such bands and to visit to be sure it exists a psychological therapy to heal from the bad bands mania.